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The Toilet's Clogged. Don't Panic!

We’ve all been there. Visiting a relative or friend, you use the restroom, and somehow the toilet just won't flush. This can feel so embarrassing, but don’t stress! With this how-to, they’ll never know unless you tell them.

Is the water about to overflow? Find the shut off valve to the toilet, turn it to the right, and voila! Most of the time, this cuts the water right off. However, if it doesn’t, don’t keep flushing! If you continue to flush, the water will overflow. 

Now, grab the plunger. Almost all bathrooms have a plunger, and hopefully the one you’re in is no exception. The key to unclogging the toilet lies in the way you plunge. Be sure to have a solid suction seal, and put force on the plunger. Try not to break the seal of the plunger to the bowl. Once you’re sure the blockage has been cleared, you can turn the water back on, flush, and get out of there! Crisis averted. 

If your host does not have a plunger in the bathroom, or these instructions don’t work, don’t feel embarrassed. We’ve all been there. Quietly pull them aside, ask for a plunger, and take care of the issue. If you don’t make a big deal about it, neither will they.

Sometimes though, the problem might not be your fault (ha ha), but something more serious might be happening. If you are unsure about the cause of your clogged toilet drains, please give Kost Plumbing a call. We service all of Marion, Sumter and Lake Counties!