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Signs There is a Leak in Your Plumbing.

Has your water bill been a little too high the past couple months?Signs You Have A Leak In Your Plumbing. Or maybe your house smells a little different when you walk in, like a post-rain smell without the rain? If these sound familiar to you, you might be in a bit of trouble with your plumbing. These two examples, along with a few other recognizable issues, are tell-tale signs of a plumbing leak in your home. Other instances occur if you have an unknown plumbing leak and here we will uncover them for you, so you don't eventually end up ankle deep in your own home!

A high increase in your water bill is one of the first signs of a possible leak in the plumbing. It wouldn't be a gradual increase in overtime, but rather a high spike from the previous average billed amount. Keep in mind that in the summer months your water bill will more than likely rise if you have a sprinkler system, but it shouldn't be a drastic increase.

A musty, moldy smell is also a significant early indicator of a plumbing leak. Even if you look all over your house and can't find any mold or mildew, the smell doesn't lie, and it will linger until you find and fix the problem. Cleaning your home to rid the scent doesn't do anything unless you see the source of the leak and get all the old, sitting water cleaned up from where the leak is located.

Dark little specks or spots appearing on your walls and ceiling (even your floor) could be a sign that there is water trapped behind those specs and spots. The longer these go unattended, the worse they become, and will eventually end in decay and cause irreversible damage to the home.

If you're hearing running water in your quiet home but have already checked that all the sinks are turned off, this is another huge sign of a leak. You'll probably hear it as a light dripping or light thudding sound when the water hits whatever is underneath the leak, and not so much a strong sound of running water.

Cracks in the foundation well after the house have settled is a severe indicator of a bad leak in the plumbing. These leaks are extra dangerous because they can ruin the entire foundation and leave you in some deep trouble if not noticed and fixed right away.

Knowing these facts about a potential plumbing leak in your home could save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. If you suspect there is a leak in your plumbing, contact a professional like Kost Plumbing, and have them access the potential damage and get you patched up and running water through your home with 100% efficiency again!