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Quick Tips for Maintaining a Septic System in Central Florida

septic tank floridaFor those of us here in Florida not connected to a municipal sewer system, a septic tank on the property is most likely what you would find. Septic tanks can be a breeze to maintain if you follow a few helpful tips on what and what not to put into the system and how to care for the area around the system.

  • Laundry
    Make sure you are using a septic tank safe detergent. Many soaps contain chemicals that can clog septic systems, and bleach should be used sparingly within the system.
  • Septic Pumping
    Get your system pumped regularly, approximately every 3 -5 years. This will ensure any significant maintenance issues can be serviced by a professional.
  • Rain
    Excessive rain can wreak havoc on a septic system. If the drain field is too saturated, the liquid waste within the system will not be able to be adequately absorbed into the surrounding area. It's important that during times of high rainfall to use rain barrels or other means to direct runoff away from the system.
  • Toilet Trash
    The only type of "trash" that should go into your septic system is toilet paper. No other trash should go into the system.
  • Conserve Water
    This is a great idea anyway for several reasons, but as far as your septic system goes, all water in your house drains into the system, so the less water in the system, the less work the system must do, and the longer the system will last. Fix any leaky toilets and sinks right away!

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