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Plumber Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Handy

plumber toolsIt's, and you hear water running. You jump out of bed and run to the bathroom only to find that that water that's supposed to be in your toilet tank is now all over your floor! Do you grab your phone and call an incredibly expensive 24-hour emergency plumber who may or may not be able to make it in time before there's more damage? Or do you take a deep breath and remember your tool kit tucked away for just this type of disaster? Don't let this happen to you! There are a few plumbing tools that every homeowner should have tucked away, only in case of this sort of problem! Here you will find the top plumbing tools everyone should own (but hopefully don't have to use often!).

  1. Basin wrench. We'll start with the basics, and this is a wrench that is in every plumber's toolkit. This type of wrench is made for tough to reach and tight spots and works perfectly on nuts and bolts for under sinks.
  2. Adjustable wrench. Another handy wrench to have since this wrench can tackle those hexagonal bolts. They don't slip on wet bolts (so if it's a leak under the sink you're tackling you won't lose your grip) and have an adjustable jaw to fit various widths.
  3. Hacksaw. If you know what you're doing, sometimes some cutting is involved. A hacksaw can tackle metal and plastic pipes as well as nuts and bolts and other types of hardware. Make sure to also keep a supply of extra blades handy just in case your current one has become dull in between uses.
  4. Thread seal tape (Plumber's Tape). Spot a leak and need a super quick fix? This tape is an inexpensive way to wrap up a leaky pipe or a squirting showerhead. The threading in the tape prevents leaks from escaping and is a great temporary fix.
  5. Toilet plunger. Toilet plungers are probably the most critical item on the list and something you more than likely already have. But do you have the correct one? Most homes usually have the standard cup plunger, but a more effective one is the flange plunger. The flange plunger has a specific shape that's made to clear toilets, but a cup plunger is still good for sink and shower clogs.

Having these tools on hand will help you if you find yourself with a backed-up toilet or a leaky sink. Or at the very least, buy you a little more time before you call a professional in to help fix the problem entirely and permanently!