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Get Rid of Hard Water

hard water Well, water has a lot of benefits, one of the biggest being no need for a water bill. But unfortunately, well water can be a little harsh and leave spots and stains from what is called "hard water." What exactly is hard water? And how does one go about fixing that in their home? Here you will find all the answers on identifying and fixing your hard water problem.

Hard water has a very high mineral content, which can alter the color and form of the water coming out. The minerals found in hard water are calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Hard water also causes buildup on faucets and drains and can cause discoloration of sinks and tubs. It also is a cause of soap scum build up, as soap suds sit on the mineral residue of the hard water and create a scum line. It's not a pleasant thing to have running through your plumbing, so how do you get rid of it?

The miracle answer is to get a water softener. Sounds simple, right? Hard water needs to become soft not to create unsightly spots and scum in your home. This process involves an ion exchange which switches out the hard minerals for softer ones such as sodium. Little beads exist in the water softener that acts as a negative charge and pulls the positively charged minerals as the water filters out. The filtered water is then replenished with new minerals, i.e., sodium. Salt plays a massive part in water softening and making sure your water is clean and fresh every time. 

Getting a water softener is an affordable and fast-acting solution to your hard water problems. Say goodbye to those red rings in the tub or hard yellow stains on the dishes and keep your water soft.